Welcome to BENTHERE Clothing!

"Right here, right now, is the place you want to be." We didn't say it, but we wish we did. BENTHERE Clothing is a destination company. While our objective is to make quality, unique sweatshirts, our true passion originates from the places that make us feel alive and that we never want to leave. Since we can't always be enjoying our favorite places, we want to capture the memories they inspire through our designs and create an overall feel of carefully, thought out garments. Our sweatshirts are locally screen printed and under the radar, and most importantly - their creative designs allow you to represent some of your favorite local spots without blowing them up to every gaper or tourist who happens to see you rocking a BENTHERE hoodie. Our designs aim to capture the attention of everyone, but we ultimately hope they elicit a sense of pride and connection with those who understand the true meaning of their designs. Whether this is your first stop at the site or you’ve benhere before, your interest, time and support are greatly appreciated. We invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence.  Get out there. Get exploring. And get lost!